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Bible curriculum for kids

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Bible Homeschool GuaranteeScripture Adventures prouducts have been developed by professional educators with years of experience in materials design. We know you will love our products and back them up with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Journey through God's Word with your child

Start an Adventure for a Lifetime
Get ready for an exciting adventure through the Bible with Scripture Adventures' comprehensive curriculum for the Old and New Testament. Perfect for Christian homeschooling families who want to dive into the Bible and families who want to study God's Word together, our products will guide your children through the Bible in a systematic way. The engaging content will help ignite a life long desire to learn about God's Word.

Our professional, Bible-based materials will aid you in helping your children discover and love the beautiful stories of the Bible. As they study, your children will build an increased familiarity with the stories of the Bible, and learn what God's will for them is today. As they have a positive experience with God's Word, their love and trust in Him will grow.

"Learn about Jesus" series
Our NEW "Learn about Jesus" series features short lessons that introduce children to the parables and teachings of Jesus. Kids read Bible stories and memorize memory verses. Illustration and copy work pages included for each Memory Verse. Parables of Jesus and Miracles of Jesus are currently available with Jesus Begins His Ministry and Teachings of Jesus coming in June 2012. Check back for updates on new releases in this series. Get ready for an adventure through the New Testament!

 Parables of Jesus   Jesus Begins His Ministry for Christian kids   Teachings of Jesus for Christian Kids  Teachings of Jesus for Christian Kids

"Celebrate" series
Bible curriculum for kidsGet ready for Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas with our Celebrate series. These materials feature kid-friendly recipes, crafts, hands-on activities, poems, stories, songs, and Bible verses that will lead your family to a meaningful celebration. Start some new family traditions at Easter this year with An Easter Adventure. Help your kids show gratitude and appreciation as they learn about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving wtih Give Thanks. Count down to Christmas with Christ-centered activities and crafts in A Christmas Adventure.

 Easter Adventure for Christian kids     Thanksgiving Adventure for Christian kids    Christmas Adventure for Christian kids

Full Bible Curriculum
For homeschoolers and Christian schools that want a full curriculum, we have resources for you! With Scripture Adventures in the Old Testament, get ready for an journey with God's people. Learn about the faith of Moses, the courage of Joshua, the righteousness of King Josiah, and many more strong prophets and leaders. Scripture Adventures: Life of Christ will help kids explore the miraculous birth of Christ, his ministry, teachings, and miracles as they work through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Scripture Adventures: Acts of the Apostles helps kids learn about the early church, and see the faith of great missionaries as they read through the ministry and miracles of Peter, John, Paul, Barnabas, and others. Kids get creative with Bible Notebooking as they draw their way through the Old and New Testaments. These journaling sheets are perfect to get kids writing and drawing about what they have learned! Click on the products below to learn more.

Old Testament Curriculum for children   New Testament Curriculum for children   New Testament Curriculum for children   Bible Homeschool Curriculum

Great for Homeschool
Our products are a perfect supplement to your homeschool history curriculum for the middle grades and up! Just print the lessons and you are ready to go! Scripture Adventures Christian homeschool workbooks include:
Christian homeschoolKing James VersionBible readings
Christian homeschoolFollow-up questions
Christian homeschoolCreative writing assignments
Christian homeschoolHands-on-projects
Christian homeschoolBible memory verses
Christian homeschoolCopywork
Christian homeschoolHistorical maps and timelines
Christian homeschoolReview puzzles and games
Christian homeschoolBeautiful artwork, and more!

"We just started using Scripture Adventures as a family. It has revolutionized our family scripture study! My kids love discussing the Old Testament. Thanks for such a great family tool." --Simone in North Carolina

"So amazing thanks for all you offer for us homeschoolers!!! It is wonderful." --Holly, homeschooling mother

Scripture Adventures workbooks are easy to use. No lesson prep time is needed. Just print the lesson(s) you are studying, grab your Bible and a pencil, and you're ready to study! Scripture Adventures makes homeschool Bible study easy. Each workbook comes as an instant-download, ready-to-print PDF file. Print as many copies of the lessons as you need for your family.

Bible Homeschool GuaranteeOur Quality Guarantee
Scripture Adventures prouducts have been developed by professional educators with years of experience in materials design. We know you will love our products and back them up with a 100% money back guarantee. There's no risk to you!

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